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The Debt Crusher Binder

The Debt Crusher Binder

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Inside of the Debt Crusher, you will be able to write down all of your debt. This will allow you to view your debt in one place. 

Determine what debt you will focus on. Each sheet consists of 80 bills. Simply divide your debt balance by 80 to determine your contribution. You are able to contribute as often as you’d like towards your debt crusher goal; just be sure to shade in your bill amount to track your progress.

You will receive:

An A6 binder

5 Cash Envelopes

5 Debt Eliminator Sheets

A Debt Crusher Sheet

You can track your progress by marking off your contribution with a permanent or dry-erase marker. If using a permanent marker, simply erase with an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol.

Colors may display different on various screens.

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